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Friday, October 14, 2011

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Talking about glamour, Samantha is open to act in glamorous roles as long as it is not forced. But she honestly agrees that her body is not suitable for Bikini. She already realised it by appearing in Bikini in Tamil film 'Mascowin Kaveri'.


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pilla zamindar movie review

Release date: 14 October 2011
123Telugu.com Rating : 2.5/5
Director : Ashok
Producer : SS Bujji
Music Director : Silva Ganesh
Starring: Nani, Bindu Madhavi, Haripriya, Avasarala Srinivas, Rao Ramesh, MS Narayana, Shilpa

Nani, Bindhu Madhavi and Hari Priya have worked together for a new film titled Pilla Zamindar. The movie has been directed by Ashok on Sri Sailendra Movies Banner and the film hit the screens today. Let us see how the movie fares.

Story: The story is an adapted native version of ‘A Millionaire’s First Love’. Praveen Jayaramaraju aka PJ (Nani) is a very rich and spoilt brat. He is an arrogant playboy and behaves rudely with those around him. He is the legal heir to the fabulously rich Zamindar Rudra Rama Raju (Bapineedu) and this is the reason for his arrogance. In a bid to change PJ’s attitude towards life and to teach him the importance of values, Rudra Rama Raju leaves behind a will that states that PJ must achieve some objectives before the wealth can be his. To fulfill those objectives, PJ is forced to travel to a small village called Siripuram where he enrolls in a government college. Military Rajanna (Rao Ramesh) is the principal. He comes across various people there who transform his life, including his former girlfriend Sindhu (Hari Priya).

What is good: Pilla Zamindar has a few genuinely good comedy scenes and some good dialogues in places. The movie’s story and the hero’s characterization suit Nani perfectly. He delivers a good performances in some places(More on this later). There are a couple of strong performances in the film, especially from M.S.Narayana(the Telugu lecturer), Rao Ramesh and Srinivas Avasarala (Kannababu). Hari Priya is ok as Sindhu but she hardly has any scope to perform.

Cameos by Vennela Kishore and Venu in the closing stages really liven up the film and they show what quality comedians can do to pep up the movie’s pace. The message contained in the movie is good and is especially relevant in today’s times when materialistic pleasures are dominating personal relationships.

Some one liners are truly memorable, like the dialogue “Devudu manushulni preminchi, vasthuvulanu vaadukovataniki thayaru chesadu. Kani manam vasthuvulani preminchi manushulni vadukuntunnam”.The item song fails to evoke any response from the crowd.

What is bad: Nani went a bit over the top with his histrionics in a lot of places and he tried to imitate Mahesh Babu’s performance in Khaleja. It looks quite odd. The romantic angle between Nani and Hari Priya is half baked and there is no chemistry at all between the two. There is an incomplete ending to this track.

Many of the ‘comedy’ scenes fail to bring any laughter and they are all very cliched. Bindhu Madhavi is wasted as the cousin of Nani. There is too much unrealistic sentiment and melodrama in the second half as the character PJ realises his follies and decides to redeem himself. The scenes in which he transforms from an arrogant guy into a paragon of humility have all been shown thousands of times in the 80′s and 90′s.

The episodes showing college politics and the classroom scenes bomb miserably. Screenplay and direction go for a major toss in the second half. There is not a single memorable song to remember and the picturization is nothing to write home about either.

Technical Departments : Dialogues by Chandra Sekhar are brilliant in places and just about average in most instances.Selva Ganesh disappoints with his music as well as background score. Editing and cinematography are ok for the budget.

There is nothing in terms of choreography for the audience. The biggest handicap is the screenplay. The story is not narrated with enough conviction and there are way too many loopholes in the script. The director also failed to bring out the comedy scenes well. His inexperience stands out glaringly.

Verdict: Pilla Zamindar should have been a safe formula film. But formula films only work when that formula is implemented correctly. On paper, Pilla Zamindar looks like it has everything – comedy,sentiment, college drama, a nice social message etc. But it fails quite badly in the implementation and presentation aspects. Frankly, everyone heaves a sigh of relief when Vennela Kishore and Venu make their cameos. Pilla Zamindar works in a few places.Sadly, it falls short by a big margin in most other areas.

123Telugu.com Rating : 2.5/5


osaravalli movie review

Release date: 06 October 2011
123Telugu.com Rating : 3/5
Director : Surender Reddy
Producer : BVSN Prasad
Music Director : Devi Sri Prasad
Starring: Jr NTR, Tamannaah, Shaam, Payal Ghosh, Rahman

Overall Impression Of The Movie: Osaravelli is the second movie of NTR in 2011 that releases with high expectations. Firstly Junior NTR had a colossal flop in Shakti earlier this year and secondly with Mahesh Babu’s Dookudu breaking box-office records, NTR needs all his luck and charisma to ensure Osaravelli pulls through at the box-office. However, Osaravelli manages to come through as an average entertainer that might not meet the sky-high expectations.

What Is It About: Osaravelli means a Chameleon & the unique characteristic of the chameleon to change colors and blend with the surroundings is what Tony (NTR) is all about. The movie starts off in Bombay with enquiries being made of the elusive Tony who has gone underground. Tony re-surfaces in Kashmir where he bumps into Niharika (Tamannah) and its love at first sight. The scene shifts to Hyderabad where he finds that she has a boyfriend and he openly challenges her that he will break-up that relationship in ten days. In parallel, we are introduced to the police-officer trying to find Tony and the other villains like the home-minister while we only get to hear about Ajju Bhai (Prakash Raj) who controls them all. Most of the first half focuses on NTR wooing Tamannah with the help of the JP and his gang resulting in an entertaining first half. The second half goes into an overdrive with various sub-plots that explain everyone’s motives and esp. that of Tamannah who has her own mysterious background. How this ties the various characters in the story with each other and the relevance of NTR having to change personalities (or colors) like the Osaravelli is what Osaravelli is all about!!!

What Is Good: As expected, NTR puts in a good performance as Tony. While there might be nothing new in the characterization by the director, NTR manages to create an impact in his lover-boy role. He gets to mouth catchy dialogues and shine in the dance department. The biggest surprise in the performance department is Tamannah who shines in a role where she has almost equal footage as the hero. While her glam quotient was never in question, she puts in a good performance as Niharika and stands out in her scenes with NTR. Payal Ghosh as Niharika’s best friend and Sham as Niharika’s brother are good as supporting characters. The music by DeviSri Prasad is pleasant and easy on the ears with the “Niharaki” song being the best in terms of picturisation with Tamannah looking glamorous in saris.

What Is Bad: After building the audience interest in the first half, Director Surender Reddy loses the grip in the second half by trying to tie up the sub-plots which result in illogical sequences and end up dragging the story for a good length with an extremely weak climax sequence. The other big negative is the weak characterization of Prakash Raj as the villain who fails to make any impact and ends up repeating himself from his Aziz bhai’s character of “Pokiri”. It’s about time that Prakash Raj took a different take on his portrayal of villainy esp., given that he is such a talented actor. Tanikellla Bharani, Sayaji Shinde, Ajay are wasted in miniscule roles. The action scenes and the song picturisation are pretty average.

Me Thinks: Osaravelli worked only in the first half for me thanks to the chemistry between NTR and Tamannah while the second half was slow due to which the audiences might not be very happy. It might sustain at the box-office given the Dusshera holiday weekend

Tailpiece: For all the hype of setting it in different places like Dubai, Kashmir, Bombay, Vizag and some exotic island, the movie hardly does any justice to any place with most of the scenes happening indoors.
123Telugu.com Rating : 3/5


madatha kaja movie review

అల్లరి నరేష్ ఒక పోలీస్ ఇన్ ఫార్మర్. అతను స్వప్న (స్నేహ ఉల్లాల్) అనే అమ్మాయిని చూసి ప్రేమలో పడతాడు. మోసం చేసి ఆమె కూడా తనను ప్రేమించేలా చేసుకుంటాడు. ఆ విషయాన్ని ఆమెకు తర్వాత చెపుతాడు. స్వప్న కె.పి. (ఆహుతి ప్రసాద్) కూతురు.జె.పి. (జయప్రకాష్ రెడ్డి), కె.పి. ఇద్దరూ బ్యాంకాక్ లో ఉండే నందా (ఆశిష్ విద్యార్థి) అనే మాఫియా డాన్ కి ఇండియాలో అనుచరులుగా ఉంటారు. ఈ కె.పి., జె.పి.లను, నందాని అరెస్ట్ చేయటానికి తగిన ఆధారాలు సంపాదించమని పోలీస్ కమీషనర్ (చలపతిరావు) అల్లరి నరేష్ ని కోరతాడు...అల్లరి నరేష్ ఆ పనిని ఎలా సాధించాడన్నది వెండితెర మీద చూడండి.

Analysis :

ఈ సినిమా దర్శకుడు సీతారామరాజుకి ఇది దర్శకుడిగా తొలి చిత్రం. అయినా ఆ తడబాటు ఎక్కడా కనిపించకుండా బాగానే దర్శకత్వం వహించాడు. స్క్రీన్ ప్లే ఫరవాలేదు. అల్లరి నరేష్ కి ఎటువంటి కథయితే సినిమాగా బాగుంటుందో అలాంటి కథనే ఎన్నికున్నాడు. "కందిరీగ" చిత్రం స్క్రీన్ ప్లే పోకడలు ఈ చిత్రంలో మనకు కనపడతాయి. సుబ్బరాజు, నరేష్, స్నేహ ఉల్లాల్ లతో ఈ సినిమాలో జీవా, రఘుబాబు పాత్రలను కన్ ఫ్యూజ్ చేసిన తీరు ప్రేక్షకులను నవ్విస్తుంది. ఈ సినిమాలో ప్రేక్షకులను నవ్వించే ప్రయత్నం బలంగానే చేశారు. ఆ ప్రయత్నంలో బాగానే సఫలీకృతులయ్యారనే చెప్పాలి. తొలిసారి నిర్మాతగా మారిన వేదరాజు టింబర్ ఈ సినిమాని ఖర్చుకి రాజీ పడకుండా నిర్మించారు. నిర్మాణపు విలువలు బాగున్నాయి.

నటన - నరేష్ కి ఇలాంటి పాత్రలు కొట్టిన పిండి..తన సహజ శైలిలో తన పాత్రను ఎనర్జిటిక్ గా పోషించాడు నరేష్. దానికి తోడు ఈ సినిమాలో నరేష్ డ్యాన్స్ కి కూడా మంచి ప్రాథాన్యతనిచ్చాడు. ఆరడుగుల రెండంగుళాల ఎత్తుతో ఉండే నరేష్ ఆ రకంగా డ్యాన్స్ చేయటం అంత తేలిక కాదు. ఇక ఐశ్వర్యారాయ్ లా కనిపించే స్నేహ ఉల్లాల్ ఈ సినిమాకి చక్కని గ్లామర్ ని యాడ్ చేసింది. అలాగే తన పాత్రకు తను న్యాయం చేసింది. ఇక సుబ్బరాజు, ఆహుతి ప్రసాద్, జయ ప్రకాష్ రెడ్డి, ఆశిష్ విద్యార్థి, ధర్మవరపు సుబ్రహ్మణ్యం, రఘుబాబు, జీవా, ఆలీ, యమ్.యస్.నారాయణ, వెన్నెల కిశోర్ తదితరులు తమ తమ పాత్రలకు న్యాయం చేశారు.

సంగీతం - నూతన సంగీత దర్శకుడు శ్రీ వసంత్ ఈ సినిమాలో అందించిన సంగీతం అబ్బో అనిపించకపోయినా బాగుంది.తొలి పాటలో "మురిపించే మువ్వలు" చిత్రంలోని "నీ లీలపాడెద దేవా" మకుటం యొక్క ట్యూన్ని వాడుకున్న తీరు బాగుంది. రీ-రీకార్డింగ్ కూడా ఫరవాలేదు.

కెమెరా - కెమెరా వర్క్ ఫరవలేదు. ఈ సినిమాని కళ్ళకు ఏమాత్రం శ్రమ లేకుండా చూసేలా ఈ చిత్రంలోని కెమెరా వర్క్ ఉంది.

మాటలు - "ఫైర్ ఎగ్జామినేషన్" అదేనండి "అగ్నిపరీక్ష" వంటి మాటలు అనేకం ఈ చిత్రంలో సందర్భోచితంగా ఉండి మనల్ని నవ్విస్తాయి.

పాటలు - బాగున్నాయి...సాహిత్యపరంగా అలాగే సంగీత పరంగా కూడా ఈ చిత్రంలోని పాటలు బాగున్నాయనే చెప్పాలి.

ఎడిటింగ్ - బాగుంది.

ఆర్ట్ - ఇది కూడా బాగుంది.

కొరియోగ్రఫీ - గతంలో వచ్చిన నరేష్ సినిమాల్లోకన్నా ఈ సినిమాలో కొరియోగ్రఫీ బాగుందని చెప్పాలి.

యాక్షన్ - ఈ సినిమాకి ఈ డిపార్ట్ మెంట్ అనవసరం.

Banner : Satya Sai Arts
Rating : 2.50/5

Released On : Oct 1, 2011
courtesy :www.teluguone.com


dookuru movie review photos

Director : Srinu Vytla
Producer : Achanta Gopinath, Achanta Ramu, Anil Sunkara
Music Director : Thaman
Starring: Mahesh Babu, Samantha

When an actor as capable as Mahesh Babu joins forces with a director as clever and wily as Srinu Vytla, fireworks are expected. Dookudu is not only a colorfully packaged entertainer, but also is a cracker with laugh out loud comic scenes. It has all the elements that have worked for both Srinu Vytla and Mahesh Babu so far in their respective careers, and is a perfect recipe for a fun outing.

What’s it about : After a messiah of the poor, Shankar Anna (Prakash Raj), meets with an accident, his family members move to Mumbai. Shankara Anna’s son Ajay (Mahesh Babu) grows up to be a daredevil police officer who rises amongst the police ranks handling crime in his own unique way, which is otherwise considered rash. When he is assigned to bring down internationally wanted criminal Naik (Sonu Sood), Ajay cleverly sets the trap for Naik. However, when Shankar Anna wakes from the coma, Ajay is forced to put a veil of being an M.L.A. for the sake of Shankar Anna’s health. Soon Ajay realizes that Naik, along with Shankar Anna’s former trusted aides, had plotted against Shankar Anna. Ajay now has to get rid of each of them, without hurting his father’s health. What kind of methods Ajay employs, and how he fools all the criminals becomes the rest of the story.

What is Good : Dookudu is an out and out Mahesh Babu’s film all the way, with dialogues and scenes conceived to portray his abilities as an actor. That he looks ‘smoking hot’ irrespective of what he wears is a huge asset to the actor. Even dialogues in Telangana dialect sound pretty sweet when he delivers them. If anyone forgot to see how good his comic timing was in Khaleja, he reiterates it in Dookudu like a pro, matching scene on scene with seasoned actors like Brahmanandam or M.S.Narayana. Also watch out for those scenes in Brahmanandam requests SMS like kids in a reality show or M.S.Narayana’s monologue, spoofing the likes of Balakrishna, Ramcharan Teja, Jr.NTR and even Rajnikanth!

Samantha is pleasing on the eyes, though her role is pretty limited. Prakash Raj and Sonu Sood come up with reasonable performances and the huge support cast that includes Nazar, Sayaji Shinde, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Dharmavarapu Subrahmaniam, Supreeth, Masther Bharat all perform well too.

The entire first half passes away breezily, like any other Srinu Vytla movie, aided with some funny dialogues, hilarious scenes and neatly choreographed fights.

What is bad: While no one can take away the credit from the many comic situations, they go on expected lines for those who have watched Srinu Vytla’s earlier films like Dhee and Ready. The main emotional content of the film, featuring Prakash Raj and Mahesh Babu, falls short of expectations. Slow second half too plays spoil sport to an extent. However, the pre-climax is again saved by unparalleled comedy that can be seen only in Telugu movies.

Technical Departments : Director Srinu Vytla manages to surprise his audiences as he weaves comedy, scene after scene, but never forgetting that he is dealing with a star like Mahesh Babu. Yet again he got some hilarious punch dialogues from the writers and extracted strong performances from his key performers. Cinematographer K.V.Guhan’s efforts are top notch, be it in chase sequences in the streets of Istanbul or fights or songs. Thaman’s rerecording is decent in parts, but his already hit compositions have been shot well, though one would have expected more from Parvati Melton’s item number. The fight choreography is top notch, and the art department too does a decent job.

Final Point : Dookudu is a typical Srinu Vytla film with high fun quotient. It is not only a must watch for all Mahesh Babu fans, but will also be a good watch for all the Telugu families, who love going to the cinemas with families, especially in the festive season


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rajamouli said no to Mega Star's 150th film

Bad time started for Chiranjeevi as and when he entered politics. He has been facing several insults with lost charisma. Recently it is known that Chiru requested Rajamouli to direct his 150th film but the latter said 'no'.

SS Rajamouli has denied the rumours, which claimed that he is directing Chiranjeevi's 150th film. The ace director said that those reports are not true.

Soon after the speculations started doing on internet, SS Rajamouli's fans bombarded him with lots of questions about the project on Twitter. Reacting to their queries, he tweeted, “News bout Chiranjeevi Garu offering me to direct his 150th film are completely false. My next film after Eega is with Prabhas.”

He further said, “Of course. I know that wud be a chance of a life time. but at te same time I cannot go back on my commitments. very unprofessional.” The rumours started doing rounds after Chiru met Rajamouli at a studio.


Ram Charan accident minor injuries in 'Rachcha' shooting

Charan was shooting for an introductory fight in Goa and the crew has set up the infrastructure, steel and cables. Alan Amin composed a crazy sequence for this opening fight. Meanwhile these cables broke down and the train came charging towards the car in which Ram Charan was sitting in. Although the train was slowing down, the heavy tonnes of steal is still very dangerous. There was a freak accident but Ram Charan had a lucky escape!

Reports said that the young hero received minor injuries during the shooting of some action scenes for the movie. “He was slightly injured but resumed shooting after a rest of 15 minutes,” said the sources connected with the movie.

The injuries were the result of a rope giving in when the actor was using it to hang on as part of some fighting sequences. It is heard that the filming of a heavy action sequence was on and the cables attached to a train got snapped and fell on the car that Charan was sitting.

Generally, heroes take the assistance of dupes and other support staff to perform stunt/dances but Ram Charan is breaking this jinx and doing stunts on his own. “Be it bike riding, stunts, horse ride or sky diving, I'd be happy doing myself rather. I never prefer dupes”, said Cherry earlier.

Unit members reveal that nothing serious happened and Charan escaped with minor injuries. The film is being directed by Sampath Nandi and produced by RB Chowdary with Paruchuri brothers providing the script.


Samantha to pair up with Ram Charan new

If sources are to be believed, gorgeous actress Samantha is said to have got an offer of 1 crore remuneration for a leading lady role alongside Ram Charan’s new film to be directed by V.V. Vinayak. The actress is yet to sign for this handsome offer, adds sources.

After delivering a hattrick of hits like Ye Maya Chesave, Brindavanam and Dookudu, Samantha has become the hot actress in demand in Tollywood. Many top producers are queuing up for the call sheets of this actress. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Sam joins the 1 crore club actresses by seizing the offer. Currently, Ileana and Anushka are the actresses who are bagging more than one crore remuneration for a film in TFI.

DVV Danayya will produce the film under Universal Media banner. Other details of the project are yet to


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